Benefits (Example Case Studies)

K. Rahman is seeking employment opportunities either in the USA or working at home for an American company. He is on LinkedIn and other social media outlets, and his resume is posted on multiple employment websites. He has excellent work experience and is working hard in his job search, but no companies have contacted him. He is not sure what he can do to get an advantage in today's competitive job market.

Then, he finds a great service being offered by Answer National Global. He signs up online and gets a personal USA toll-free telephone number answered 24/7 by American telephone secretaries. They answer his new, exclusive number: "Hello, thank you for calling the desk of K. Rahman. How may I help you?" It’s very professional.

He adds his new telephone number to his resume, LinkedIn, social media websites, and job search outlets. American businesses now see his toll-free number and know he's a professional candidate who is also easy to reach. Results! American businesses are calling his virtual office. There are no time-zone issues, no language barriers, and all messages are immediately emailed to him for his review. Success! Mr. Rahman is now getting results and happily advancing in his new career.
V. Kumar has a small business in India producing fine artisanal crafts. He wants to expand into the American and Canadian markets, but he needs a distributor with solid connections in the United States. F. Jones, who works at an American company, comes across Mr. Kumar’s website and is interested in possibly representing his products in the North American market. But, Mr. Jones sees only an Indian telephone number listed on Mr. Kumar's website. He's never dealt with an Indian company, and wonders if Mr. Kumar's business is really legitimate. Mr. Jones doesn’t know how to call India and finds country codes confusing. He also has doubts because the middle of the afternoon in the USA is the middle of the night in India. He doesn't bother calling and moves on to do business with another company that has a regular USA toll-free number.

Mr. Kumar's business isn't getting the attention it deserves. He hears about Answer National Global and completes the easy online sign-up process. He gets a virtual office complete with a North American toll-free number and live American telephone secretaries to take his messages and email them to him. Success! American distributors and retailers are now partnering with him and business is great, all because his business now has credibility. New clients can reach him day or night, with ease.
J. Sharma manages a large vacation rental business with properties mainly in Goa. He lists available properties on a number of high-profile websites with a local Indian telephone number for potential North American clients to call. These listings are expensive and vacant properties means lost revenue that he cannot afford. He wonders why American and Canadian tourists aren't responding to his listings. What he doesn't realize is that time-zone differences and concerns about phoning internationally are keeping many prospective clients away.

A friend tells him about his virtual office in the USA that he established through Answer National Global. Mr. Sharma visits the website and signs up online - it's simple and easy. He has updated all of his listings with his new contact information as now he has an American toll-free number for potential renters in the USA and Canada to call him at any time, day or night. His American telephone secretary takes his messages and emails them to him right away. He couldn’t be happier and business couldn’t be better. He wonders what took him so long to set up his virtual office in the United States. Now he knows that to do business in the USA, you need an American number answered by Americans.
R. Singh wants to expand his SEO business into the United States. He has already heard of the great program offered by Answer National Global and has signed up. His business now has a virtual presence in the USA, complete with a toll-free telephone number and 24/7 coverage with an American telephone secretary. Business is really picking up, so he tells his friends and business contacts about Answer National Global and tells them to use his referral code when they sign up. He earns $15 USD each time a referral signs up!

Last month four of his referrals signed up with Answer National Global, so Mr. Singh earned a $30 dollar credit to his account (one month FREE!) and then had another $30 cash sent to his PayPal account. He now encourages everybody he knows - friends and business contacts alike - to take advantage of this must-have service. Answer National Global has not only helped him expand his business, but he now makes additional monthly income with each new referral.
The preceding are not real examples based in fact but are ficticious representations meant to portray sample scenarios in which a member of our services may potentially benefit.