Earn Money

Answer National Global is pleased to offer our clients an easy way to earn credits toward their account and to generate revenue on top of that.

Imagine all the benefits of establishing your own account: Your personal USA toll-free number, your virtual office in the United States and having an American telephone secretary taking your calls 24/7 and then earning additional income on top of that! It’s simple.

Here is how it works:

  • Establish Account 1. Establish your account with Answer National Global and you will then be issued your personal toll-free number. Your personal toll-free number will also serve as your referral code and will be exclusively yours.
  • Tell Your Friends 2. Tell all of your friends, family members, colleagues, business associates and all of your social media contacts and connections about the tremendous benefits of establishing an account with Answer National Global. You will encourage them to sign-up also.
  • Enter Referal Code 3. They enter your toll-free number in the “referral code” field. This will identify you as the referral source and you will get the credit.

It is that simple.

For each referral you generate that successfully signs-up with Answer National Global you will earn credits to your account and then income paid to you through your PayPal account.

Each referral is worth $15 USD

The first two referrals in any given month are paid as credits to your account. Each additional referral in that same month will earn income, $15 USD each, paid to you from our corporate offices here in the United States, sent to your PayPal account.


Mr. K. Patel has signed-up and established his own account with Answer National Global. He gives out his new USA toll-free number to some friends and encourages them to sign-up to enjoy the benefits of their own account. He also reminds them to use his toll-free number as the referral code. In the first month, five of his friends sign-up. Mr. Patel has just earned two $15 USD credits ($30 USD) to his own account (A free month!) plus three more referrals at $15 USD each for a total of $45 USD to be sent directly to his PayPal account! He has generated $75 USD in revenue in his first month. Mr. Patel is thrilled with this so he gives his toll-free number to his business contacts as a referral code. The next month he has even more money deposited into his PayPal account by Answer National Global when he generates more referrals. Delighted by this easy way to generate a good income, Mr. Patel is now telling everybody he can about Answer National Global.


The first two referrals in any given month will be paid as credits to account, thereby earning a free month of service for the referral source.

Any additional referrals that successfully establish an account of their own with Answer National Global during that same month will earn $15 USD each paid to the PayPal account of the referral source.

If in any month the referrals payment exceeds $1000 USD to a single recipient (the referral source) then payment may be made as an electronic funds transfer (ACH) or may be sent through Western Union at the request of the referral source.

A valid referral code must be entered in the “referral code” field at sign-up to generate a credit or payment.

The referral source represents that they are in full compliance with all applicable local, national and international laws and further understands that they are not an employee of Answer National Global but are acting independently and that the referral payments paid are the only compensation to be received.

Answer National Global reserves the right to suspend the referral program at any time without prior notice and at its sole discretion.