Expand Your Employment Opportunities in the USA

How Does It Work?

We set up your virtual presence here in the USA with your personal American telephone secretary, answering your calls around-the-clock with your own custom greeting on your private USA toll-free telephone number. Your messages will be immediately delivered to your email address.

You promote yourself and your unique skills to prospective American employers by updating the "contact info" section on your LinkedIn profile, other social media profiles and your resume with your exclusive USA toll-free telephone number.

You have now established yourself as a serious candidate for employment by American business, so they contact you through your Virtual Office.

How Will This Help Me?

Distinguish Yourself as a Viable and Credible Candidate Establishing a virtual office, or virtual presence, in the USA with an American toll-free telephone number and your own personal American secretary ready to take your calls 24/7. It is absolutely the best way to separate yourself from the crowd and establish yourself as a serious and legitimate candidate for employment by American businesses.

Your Personal USA Telephone Secretary Available 24/7 You will have a virtual presence here in the USA with your personal telephone secretary ready to professionally represent you. This will encourage Americans and American businesses to contact you, without any cost to them, at any time, day or night. Our 24/7 coverage of your private toll-free number will eliminate any time zone concerns. Let's face it: Business hours in the United States are not the same as in lndia, China, or other countries across the globe. We solve that problem for you and give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Easy, Worry-Free Message Delivery Your American telephone secretary will answer your calls with a personalized greeting: "Thank you for calling (your name here) office, how may I help you?" or, "Thank you for calling the desk of (your name here), how may I help you? At this point your secretary will secure a message from your caller and have it delivered immediately to your email address at no additional cost.

Easy Point of Contact Many American companies are unable to dial a foreign number and may have trouble with confusing country codes. How can they contact you? A USA toll-free number answered in your name solves this problem. It’s a must have for job seekers and those wishing to expand their reach to the USA.

The American Cultural Advantage Your American telephone secretary will understand the subtleties of American language and customs. This will give you an outstanding advantage. We will eliminate any language barriers.

A Professional and Legitimate USA Presence Your new contacts and potential business clients will be impressed with your professionalism and openness to doing business with Americans in the USA. You will be seen as established and credible and this will give you a huge advantage over having a simple Skype number or internet phone number. You will have your personal secretary taking your calls on a USA toll-free number. This is how business gets done in the USA!

Great Service at an Affordable Price All of this can be accomplished at the super low price of $30 US Dollars per month.

lmagine what getting that important call could be worth to you!

Answer National Global is not making an offer or promise of employment. We are making available a powerful "must have" tool that can help you in your job search. Give yourself that important advantage.

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  1. Virtual Office in the USA
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  3. Personalized Live Greeting
  4. Around-the-Clock Coverage
  5. Instant email Delivery of Messages
  6. FREE - Exclusive Personal Use of a USA Toll-Free number
  7. FREE - Account Programming
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Initial $30 at service initiation is billed as a security deposit. Extra minutes of usage over this thirty (30) minute allowance are billed in arrears at $1 USD per minute.

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I understand that by submitting this/these forms contained herein I am agreeing to subscribe to the services offered here by Answer National, Inc. I understand that the charges for service as described herein are in U.S. funds at: $30 USD per month, billed in advance each month and will include thirty (30) minutes of operator work time. Extra minutes of usage over this thirty (30) minute allowance is billed in arrears at $1 USD per minute. All time is rounded up to the next minute and billed in full minute increments. Accounts in arrears are subject to suspension and/or termination without notice and at the sole discretion of Answer National, Inc. without remedy to the subscriber. There is a $10 USD fee attached to each occurrence of a declined charge card. All rates are subject to change without notice. I understand further that if I choose to terminate service for any reason that I must provide Answer National, Inc. with thirty (30) days prior notice in writing whether via email or fax. All services are for a minimum duration of three (3) full calendar months. Should I choose to terminate service prior to the end of the initial minimum term, I shall be none-the-less obligated to pay all fees and charges accrued during the initial minimum term. I understand that any telephone numbers, whether local or toll-free, that may have been provided by Answer National, Inc. for temporary use, for messaging purposes or otherwise, are non-transferable and the rights to which shall remain with Answer National, Inc. I understand that Answer National, Inc. will make commercially reasonable efforts to protect all private information and personal credit information (PCI), that may be disclosed to Answer National, Inc. during the course of this agreement, unless compelled to disclose such information by legal and/or government authority. I understand that in no way is Answer National, Inc. making an offer of employment, nor is Answer National, Inc. making any guarantee of employment with any other party. I understand that if I should have any questions regarding this agreement and these terms and conditions, I should contact Answer National, Inc. at info@answernationalglobal.com or at telephone: +1 312-373-1550.